MyVet Inanda Specialists provides specialist services to general practice vets from around the country. Dr Anthony Zambelli is an expert in oncology care for animals and also has extensive experience in a range of specialist areas.


Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy. In Dr Zambelli’s hands, some really rewarding results have been obtained and even where we can’t cure cancer, we can make patients really comfortable for a long time. With his unique, holistic approach to compassionate cancer care. Dr Zambelli has performed a number of firsts in this field.


Dr Zambelli has years of experience in the diagnosis and management of a variety of heart diseases. Using a unique approach to this disease, we have patients living 4 years after thrombotic events (normal lifespan about 1 – 3 months).

Laparoscopy & Endoscopy

US-trained surgical and diagnostic laparoscopic techniques for keyhole surgery, biopsy and non-invasive fibre-optic investigations


Dr Zambelli was the first specialist to do large numbers of tracheal stentings for airways collapse and has mastered this difficult but effective technique. We have special scopes allowing us to diagnose a variety of airway problems, and he has done hundreds of CT-scans and MRIs.

Endocrine/ Hormonal

Dr Zambelli lectured this subject at Onderstepoort, and has access to laboratory tests for a variety of hormonal diseases. He has also written guidelines for the diagnosis of Cushing’s disease for the KZN branch of the SA Vet Association.

Additional Areas

NEPHROLOGY / KIDNEYS & BLADDER – with our ultrasound, keyhole biopsy techniques and special scopes, we are able to evaluate a variety of kidney diseases.

NEUROLOGY – we perform MRIs, CTs, myelograms and spinal taps on a routine basis.
IMMUNOLOGY / AUTOIMMUNE – diseases of the immune system can be challenging to diagnose and even harder to treat, but are areas of interest for Dr Zambelli.

What People Say About Us.

This is 17 year old Roxy the puppy who is Dr.Arina's baby. Exactly a year ago Roxy was very ill with other vets having given up on her. Thanks to Dr.Arina's assistance and thorough evaluation of her, she was correctly diagnosed and is back to her hyper puppy self. Thanks to Dr.Arina and IVH Roxy celebrated her big 16th birthday last year and is living her best life.

– Sherece Chezel Chetty