There are constant advances in veterinary medicine. Our Animal Hospital is equipped with the latest state of the art technology available in order to provide better care for your pet. Below are only a small sample of the many different technologies we employ here at Inanda Vet Hospital. Contact us today for first-class technology that restores your pet’s health faster.

Dog Ward

Our dog ward is fitted with a variety of sized cages allowing each individual patient to be comfortable and relaxed. Wards are air-conditioned for maximum comfort.

Cat Ward

Our temperature controlled cat ward with glass doors allows for a comfortable and spacious stay. 

Procedure Room

Our procedure rooms allow for quick and efficient procedures such as blood collection, catheter placements and sedation. 

In-House Laboratory

Speed up the recovery of your pet by getting blood and urine tests for a variety of diseases on site, and with results within 10 minutes.


Our fully equipped theatre wing allows for all surgeries to be performed, including but not limited to, orthopaedic, spinal, soft tissue and specialised surgeries performed by Specialists from around the country. 


We provide Dental X-rays, atraumatic dental work of the highest level as well as educate clients on proactive dental care.


We take radiographs with a high powered X-ray machine, save and process them digitally at the same level of quality you would expect for yourself.


Ensure a quick and accurate diagnosis of your pets health by getting an advanced ultrasound evaluation for heart disease, pregnancy and abdominal organs, by a specialist.

Laprascopy/ Endoscopy

The revolutionary advancement in techology has now made it possible to perform non-invasive flexible and rigid scope examinations as well as surgeries of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and urinary tracts.


Focused therapy available to help restore quality of life to pets.

Photodynamic Therapy

PDT is a good alternative for treating superficial and small tumours as it has few side effects compared to procedures such as chemotherapy and doesn’t involve any invasive surgeries.

What People Say About Us.

Incredible team of animal angels, hugely respected, highly knowledgeable, caring and professional who do the most amazing work. Thank-you.

– Judy Da Silva

Thanks very much to the staff and Rob , who made a very traumatic experience, as easy as possible.

– Richard Tyne