MyVet Hospital Group

is a group of full-service vet hospitals that look after the day to day needs of your pets, through to hospital cases as well as specialist referrals.

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General Practice Services


Our consultations are 50% longer than the standard consult length. All patients receive a full history taking; a thorough physical examination; and an opportunity for you, the client, to ask questions.

Clinical Examinations

Your pet should receive a full clinical examination, to verify his or her health, before a vaccination. That takes a vet asking the right questions, and doing the right examinations. We will educate you about parasite control; help you by selecting effective and safe agents; and teach you about diet, dental health, and human health, as it relates to animal ownership.


We believe in vaccination which is tailored to the specific lifestyle and risk profile of your pet, and the disease risk in the surrounding area.

From bee stings, snake bites, knee surgery he has managed to make himself known to everyone at Inanda Vet. Thank you for loving this crazy dog as much as we do ” Leanne Naude

About Us

Improve your pet’s overall health with animal care from the MyVet Hospital Group. Our new, modern, and well-equipped facilities provide quality medical and surgical care for small animals and exotic pets. Owner Dr. Anthony Zambelli has 20 years of experience, so you can depend on him and our staff to provide instant and accurate proactive pet care.

At MyVet we proactively treat the aliments that cause life threatening diseases before they become serious. Promoting the longevity of your best friend and cost saving to pet owners in the long run.

Our skilled veterinarians and staff all love and have pets. They are dedicated to treating your animals like part of the family.

We believe that going to the vet should be a pleasure, informative and stress-relieving. The service received should be compassionate, courteous and affordable for general and special patients.

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